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"La muerte tal vez o posiblemente la conciencia, cobra vida de la actriz Ruth Kavanagh, que nos brinda una lección de buen teatro y buen quehacer escénico, con un profesionalísmo de altos vuelos y una profundidad y variedad de caracteres en los tres personajes que le toca interpretar: el de la mujer, el de Doris y el de Gladys. Una actriz en su máximo explendor interpretativo, con una hermosa figura, clara dicción y dueña absoluta del escenario."


Impacto Latin News, NY ("Till Death")

"Opposite Fernandez we saw a super talented actress, Ruth Kavanagh. She gave life to three different characters, each one unique and well thought out."

Arte NY, NYC ("Till Death")

"Kavanagh is delightful as nervous Nora"

Backstage ("Nora's Bloke")

Ruth Kavanagh is very persuasive as an over-excited Mag, fidgeting and distracting Joe, and revealing a great expansiveness of character"


The Scotsman, Edinburgh ("Lovers—Winners")

"Ruth Kavanagh's Mag, a mix of radiant girly romanticism and creeping mediocrity, has a convincing chemistry with David Eastman's bookish Joe."


Time Out, London ("Lovers—Winners")

"..a solid cast of five, led by Ruth Kavanagh, who gives an intense and impassioned performance as Yerma, obsessed with the desire for a child""Kavanagh's Yerma moves from measured impatience to frustration and hysteria with a sophisticated psychologial depth that is penetrating and very moving"


Wood Green Journal, London ("Yerma") 

"Ruth Kavanagh's tragic Shelby brought forth the mother in us all and offered a relaxed yet poignant performance."


Essex County Standard (Steel Magnolias)

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